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Gynae-Matters Revealed

Naomi is 42 and has recently been made redundant from the bank where she has been working hard  for the last ten years.  She noticed some irregular bleeding after making love with her partner which was bright red and they were both very concerned.  A gynaecological examination showed that although her cervix was very healthy, within the entrance to the womb there was a fleshy polyp like a small cherry.  This was easily removed in the clinic and her bleeding stopped immediately.  The polyp was analysed in the pathology laboratory and was found to be innocent (benign) but was a nuisance and had been a big cause for worry.

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Do you suffer from any gynaecological problems?
  • Trusted and well-established, private consultant gynaecologist.
  • Diagnosis and treatment for gynaecological problems; specialist in colposcopy and infertility.
  • Discuss concerns, expectations and needs in a friendly and relaxed environment.
  • For women who want rapid results explained simply and with reassurance.
  • Latest gynaecological procedures, diagnostic screening and examination performed on site for your convenience.